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After all the teaser shots of the Kia No 3 concept, we finally got to see it in the metal out on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show today. In its press materials, Kia describes this as a new five-seat MPV, although we're personally a bit dubious of that description. In Europe there are taller versions of various hatchbacks that fit the description of an MPV such as the Ford C-Max and VW Golf Plus. The closest we have in the U.S. is the Mazda5, and the No 3 concept doesn't seem to fit with any of those.

Aside from its odd categorization, the No 3 is quite an attractive piece. It's a five-door hatchback close in overall size to the Honda Fit but with a 4.5-inch longer wheelbase. The overall proportions of the No 3 are handsome with short overhangs and reasonably large areas of glass. If the No 3 does make it to production (hopefully with a different name), it will likely loose a big chunk of that glass, namely the roof. The diagonal windshield header on the concept is is reiterated in the random diagonal ribs of the seat upholstery. Even without its clever concept trappings, we hope to see the No 3 get a green light for production.

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