First official image: Opel Ampera (with Poll!)

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With the Geneva Motor Show set to kick off this week, the dam holding back any remaining images and info is ready to burst. Exhibit A: the Opel Ampera. We've seen it leaked on the European Registry site, teased by GM, and spied in the wild. Today, the first full, official shot has been released, and honestly we have to wonder whether GM would have been better off giving the Chevy Volt the Opel's fascia. Seriously, for a car that's supposed to be so important, cutting-edge and revolutionary, the Volt looks pedestrian compared to the Ampera. The European cousin gets a more modern, and frankly, more attractive appearance. Sure, underneath, it's all the same tech, and the two cars' profiles are identical. But the Ampera's clearly the head-turner of the two. The Volt? Not so much. It could and should have been, as we can now plainly see.

Agree? Disagree? Let's take an informal poll. Follow the jump to vote.

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