One of the many cars we'll be seeing at the Geneva Motor Show is the Opel Ampera. The Ampera is essentially nothing more than a Chevrolet Volt with a new face. The Opel grille and headlights have largely been lifted from the Flextreme concept that appeared at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. General Motors has already said it will sell both the Volt and an Opel-badged car using the same Voltec powertrain in the European market. Judging by the appearance of the Ampera, it looks like GM's money troubles mean that body changes for the Opel will be kept to a bare minimum. Of course, a big part of the reason for the production Volt's shape is the need for optimized aerodynamics, so it's unlikely the Opel would have changed much anyway.
Although AutoCar reports that the Ampera will be built at one of GM's European factories, the reality is that initial production volumes are likely to be small (in the very low tens of thousands annually, at best). That means for at least the first few years, even the Opel- and Vauxhall-badged versions will be sourced from GM's Detroit/Hamtramck factory where the Volt will be made. Thanks for the tip, Mehdi!

[Source: AutoCar]

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