Rallying runs in the DNA of both the Millen family and Nissan. Rod Millen is one of the most successful North American rally drivers of all time, and although brother Steve is best known for his road racing exploits, he, too, has participated in off-road racing. Nissan once sold cars under the Datsun brand, and long before the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO, the Datsun 510 was one of the stalwarts of rallying. Since Steve Millen's driving career ended, he has focused his efforts on modifying street cars, particularly Nissans through his company Stillen.
Stillen is now working on a new project that brings all of this heritage together: a rally prepped Nissan GT-R. In this case it's a road rally, specifically the Targa Newfoundland which will run from Sept. 12-19. Millen's team is following the usual practices, including chopping weight out of the car, squeezing more power out of the engine, beefing up the brakes and retuning the suspension. Perhaps best of all, Stillen has a blog where curious fans can follow the development and testing process over the next several months.

[Source: Stillen]

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