Despite the best of green efforts, it seems poor Prince Charles can not catch a break. He's been labeled a hypocrite by the Daily Mail for using a private jet to accomplish a South American tour to discuss deforestation and climate change. Back at home, the next-inline-to-the-throne has put his Jaguars and Range Rover (and even his Mum's Bentleys) on a bio-diesel diet, his Aston Martin sips wine-derived ethanol, and he's made his humongous household entirely carbon-neutral. Even the trip, which could generate 322 tons of CO2, will be entirely offset.

Since his itinerary has him making almost 40 appearances over 10 days, it would be impossible for the prince and his entourage of 14 to fly the friendly skies on commercial flights. So, to further avoid his being made to look like Rodney Dangerfield in a tiara, we here at AutoblogGreen suggest the following solution. Take the sailboat dude. Yeah, it may take a little longer but at least you wouldn't have to read about yourself in the tabloids.

[Source: The Daily Green]

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