It's no secret that automotive spy photographer Brenda Priddy is synonymous with shots of heavily-camouflaged cars and of engineers enduring extreme climate testing. But now, she has been outed as The Most Famous Spy in History on a website called ShareRanks.
This shooter of top secret sedans and covert convertibles has been ranked above notorious agents such as Mata Hari who was executed as a German spy. Priddy even tops Revolutionary War spy Nathan "One Life to Live" Hale who is probably in every American history textbook in the country.

That's her in the photo with her back to the camera. It's the only photo she'd authorize for use with this story. "After all, I don't want people to know what I look like!" she said in an e-mail to us (one we suspect that originated in her underground bunker somewhere in the Arizona desert). Then again, someone of her spy caliber could have sent it from right here in the Autoblog offices. Hmmmm.

As someone who makes a living off exposing the secrets of the auto industry, how does she feel about her newfound fame? We asked her that and a few more questions that you can read the answer to after the jump.

Photo Copyright Brenda Priddy, used with permission.

Brenda Priddy found a few minutes in her busy life as an international spy to answer a few questions from Autoblog...

AB: How does it feel to not only be included in company like Nathan Hale and Aldritch Ames, but to top the list of famous spies?
BP: Ames isn't my favorite, but I'm taking lessons (figuratively speaking) from Mata Hari.

AB: What's a day in the life of a world-famous spy?
BP: SIlly questions like this and other things that I can't talk about (or else I'd have to kill you!)

AB: Now that you've been outed, are you going to write a book?
BP: I'm going directly to the Big Screen.

AB: Spies are known to have used some creatively hidden cameras in the work. Have you ever shot a camouflaged car with a lipstick camera?
BP: Lipstick camera? No. But I have with a Russian-designed cigarette-box camera.

Thanks for talking to us, Brenda. Tell Mr. Bond "hello" for us next time you see him.

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