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World's most famous spy ever is... Brenda Priddy?

It's no secret that automotive spy photographer Brenda Priddy is synonymous with shots of heavily-camouflaged cars and of engineers enduring extreme climate testing. But now, she has been outed as The Most Famous Spy in History on a website called ShareRanks.

Spy Shots: 2009 Acura TL

Acura is in the middle of a total makeover, and while we've already seen the RL and TSX, the Japanese automaker's bread and butter TL has been out of the spotlight, until now. Spy photographers have snapped up a couple shots of the 2009 TL sans the requisite crazy patterns and without most bras, leaving some poorly fit panels to throw us off.

Spy Shots: Volkswagen Routan vannin' around

Priddy and Company stumbled across a dolled up VW Routan and managed to capture a shot. Earth shattering revelation here: it looks like a Grand Caravan. It'd be natural to assume some similarities, there's only so much you can do to the basic body shell when badge engineering, but when the spy photogs almost pass it right by, that says something. The boys in the camoflage department deserve a little something extra in their envelope this week, because there aren't too many clues as to what the u

Spy Shots: 2009 Nissan Murano

We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks at the LA Auto Show when the 2009 Nissan Murano doffs the parka it's sporting here, but don't expect earth-shattering changes. It's not like the Murano is looking tired; its sharp looking design will keep it fresh even when it's trading on some beastly backwater of a used car lot somewhere. Brenda Priddy & Co. were able to snag these shots that show off redone ends, but the same basic space capsule in between. We'd expect to see the grille lose a litt

VetteGate: Spy photographers respond to fake Blue Devil pics

var digg_url = 'http://www.digg.com/offbeat_news/VetteGate_Spy_photographers_respond_to_fake_Blue_Devil_pics'; No doubt by now you've heard about VetteGate, our name for the prank pulled by online buff book Winding Road in its January 2007 issue. To recap, WR took a Corvette Z06 and masked it up with tape, fake fender flares and a hood scoop made from cardboard. The result was a car that looked convincingly like a prototype for the "Blue Devil" super Vette currently being developed by General

Spy Shots: 2008 Jaguar S-Type

Last month we told you how important the upcoming S-Type replacement was for the future of Jaguar, if not for Ford itself. Although Jaguar is still officially not for sale, the success or failure of the next generation S-Type could determine whether there will even continue to be a Ford Premier Auto Group. And so, because of the importance of this new midsize Jag, we feel it crucial to pass along any news on what this new car might look like. And thanks to Brenda Priddy, we have some new ideas.

Thanks to those who helped Brenda Priddy and The March of Dimes

We just wanted to thank those who donated to the March of Dimes and helped spring Brenda Priddy from the slammer for her Jail & Bail fundraiser. She not only reached her goal but exceeded it by 50% with a lot of help from generous Autoblog readers. Brenda has decided to be extra generous and is opening up her spy coffers to thank each person who donated with a token of her gratitude. The list of who donated and what each person will be receiving is below. Ya see, you give a little and you ge

Last push for Brenda Priddy's March of Dimes drive

There's less than 24 hours left in Brenda Priddy's drive to raise $1,000 for the March of Dimes. We told you about the famous spy photographer participating in the Jail and Bail event where she's "locked up" until enough bail can be raised in the way of donations. Well, she's about $190 short of her $1,000 goal, so if we don't pull together and get her to a grand, no more spy shots for anyone. We're kidding of course, they'll let her out (probably), but Autoblog readers are the best in the world

Spy Shots: Best Panamera shots yet

Now that the Panamera has been caught wearing Porsche clothing, the spy shots are coming fast and furious. Brenda Priddy and Co. has scored the best shots yet that give us a nice 3/4 view of the car from both front and back. Yes, it's a mule and the sheetmetal obviously is not finalized, but these shots make it very easy to imagine what the final version will look like. Take a look at the Panamera's rear, for instance. The severely sloped rear glass flows right into a trunk lid flanked by a pair

Best VUE yet of 2008 Saturn

UPDATED: We don't want to start looking like card carrying members of the Brenda Priddy & Co. fan club, but they have done it again and we feel obliged to pass it on to all of you. Caught wearing only a few bits of tape, here are some shots of a near-production 2008 Saturn VUE, which of course is based on the Opel Antara sold overseas. Sporting the friendly (and conservative) good looks of other Saturns but with a slightly more rugged skidplate-like nose, this newest VUE doesn't stray far fr

Brenda Priddy incarcerated for a good cause

Ace spy photog Brenda Priddy will soon be sent to the big house to raise money for the March of Dimes, which funds research, programs and services aimed at improving the health and lives of babies. The "Jail & Bail" event will see Priddy behind bars, her only escape being bail money (donations) contributed in her good name.

Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda6

Ace spy photog Chris Doane has scored shots of the 2008 Mazda6, and they show that the next mid-size from Mazda will grow in both length and width over the current model. Check out the extended rear fender flares and raised gas gap, both both clear indicators that the 6's sheetmetal will be expanding. While it's difficult to make out a face through the front camouflage, the front end is also clearly larger. That's a good thing, as Mazda needs to make room underhood for Ford's new 250-hp, 3.5-lit

Spy Shots: More on the S-Class convertible

We've already shown you the possible abomination that Mercedes plans on performing to an otherwise beautiful car, in the form of the S-Class convertible. However, the photoshop gurus over at Brenda Priddy and Co. have taken the speculation to the next level with a front, three-quarters rendering of the 4-door drop top.

Spy Shots: 2008 Buick Enclave

We've seen the 2007 Saturn Outlook. We've seen the 2007 GMC Acadia. We've been waiting on the final member of this triad, and while General Motors hasn't officially unveiled the 2008 Buick Enclave, we do have these excellent spy shots from Cheers and Gears. Not only do these shots show an exterior that differs little from the Buick Enclave concept that debuted at the 2006 Detroit auto show, but we also get a peek at the interior, which looks markedly more luxurious than its down market siblings.