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Josh, the Aptera 2e fan who has been recently hanging out in parking garages and generally going camera crazy in his quest to slake the thirst of his ApteraForum friends, hit the devotee motherlode the other day at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). Yes, he got chauffeured about Long Beach, California by Steve Fambro, co-founder and current CTO of the start up vehicle company, who not only answered his questions without swearing him to secrecy, but even let him record the whole event on video. Steve talked a lot about the Automaptics system installed in the 2e and said it was something they were evaluating, as he repeatedly touched the screen and talked about various vehicle to grid (V2G) options and accessing the 2e through the internet.

From this drive, as well as from a hastily-called meet-and-greet with future Aptera owners held the next evening, we were able to learn the vehicle is set to undergo even more changes before it starts production. For one, the wheelspan is set to be reduced by six inches. The suspension geometry is also set to undergo some revision and some changes may be made to the body to better deal with crosswinds. Hit the jump for the video.

[Source: ApteraForum]

Josh's TED Aptera 2e Ride With Steve Fambro from A Nonymous on Vimeo.

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