While waiting to make its public debut tomorrow at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference tomorrow, the pre-production Aptera 2e was chillin' with its Typ-1 prototype brother in a nearby parking garage. Coincidentally, an Aptera fan named Josh just happened to be hanging out in the same garage with a camera and a tape measure. The birds in question were being watched by a security guard with strict orders not to let anyone touch them. Luckily, no one mentioned photography or measuring tapes and so the fancier went to work, careful not to come into physical contact with the vehicles.

As you can see from the many photos in the gallery below, the newer 2e is quite a bit, though subtly, different than the original. The nose is closer to the ground while its back seems to have a sexier curve that's amplified by the window that extends further down its spine. As far as the measurements go, the interloper recorded a width of 91 inches (7 feet 7 inches). The other measurements couldn't be taken as precisely but the height of the 2e seemed to be about 52 inches with a length of approximately 14 feet, 10 inches. We suspect video of the craft may appear soon, since we've heard rumors that Aptera fans will be hiding behind grassy knolls along the demonstration ride route.

[Source: Josh at Aptera Forum]

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