Most people pass the driving exam on the first try, with a select few failing once or twice before finally getting it right. In South Korea, one woman has been trying to pass the written test since 2005 and has yet to pass. In all, the 68 year-old woman, known only as Cha, has failed the exam 771 times. Okay, so you're thinking that South Korea has some wicked-hard test that takes a MENSA certificate to pass. Probably not. Actually, you only need a 60% to pass, and Cha typically lands in the 30-50% range. Unfortunately, the test isn't cheap, either. Each and every failure costs Cha 6,000 won, which equals about $4.69 in U.S. funds. That doesn't sound like much, but spread over 771 failures, we're talking about $3,600. Cha is hoping to get a car to help her business. She sells food and household items door to door.

Well, Cha, we're pulling for you and we don't want you to give up. And we're proud of you for not cheating, too. We hear some people cheat by writing answers on their arms or hooking up their Bluetooth and getting answers from someone on the other end of the line. That would be wrong. But seriously, Cha... what's wrong with taking taxis?

[Source: Yahoo | Image: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty]

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