Top Gear's James May, a.k.a. "Captain Slow," has signed on to promote a new academic challenge for children called Scalectric4Schools. The challenge would pit schools against each other with custom, small-scale electric cars that will compete on slot tracks. The goal of the event is to get young students interested in engineering, particularly in the automotive field. There's been an alarming shortage of young engineers entering the working world over the past few years in nearly every country that has an established automotive sector.

There's more to winning this competition than just having a fast car, as the judging will also include the car's overall design and the builder's portfolio in the final score. As part of the curriculum, students would learn how to use CAD software, CNC routers and laser cutters, all whilelearning the basics of car design and the principles of electric propulsion. We just wish courses like this were available when we were in school. See a video here.

[Source: Toy News]

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