While looking around for information on EPIC's now-canceled sponsorship of the Rahal-Letterman Racing Team, I discovered that the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council is undergoing a rebranding. The new name: "Growth Energy."
Growth Energy formed in early November 2008 and it seems their main goal is to separate the biofuel and food industries into good (biofuel) and bad (food) players. Take a look at this ad, which attacks "Big Food" for keeping prices high even though energy costs have dropped in the last six months, or this one, which says that "ethanol is a proven solution" and that "cellulosic ethanol is now a reality."

Growth Energy still needs to work on their terminology a bit. Back in mid-November, the group called on the food industry to "lower prices for consumers at the grocery store." To illustrate how slow "Big Food" is in responding, Growth Energy has an elapsed timer clock that is currently up to almost 83 hours. What does Growth Energy call this timer? A "countdown clock." Um, I'm pretty sure that countdown clocks count down, but maybe the ethanol industry just likes defining things in their own special way.

[Source: Growth Energy]

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