Last July we told you the story of a Corvette owner named Ray, who had decided to fork over $40,000 to Hybrid Technologies for an all-electric LiV™ WISE. That's the model in their range that begins its gas-powered life as a Toyota Yaris. He said he would keep us up to speed, and true to his word, he has been leaving the occasional update in the comments of the original story. Yesterday he wrote to let us know that he's been driving his WISE for about a week now and he is very happy about it.

According to Ray, the car is lots of fun to drive and has plenty of power. It appears to have pretty good range as well. He took a trip from Aloha to Otis (Google maps says that's 76.4 miles) that involved some mountains and arrived with a gauge showing 30 miles still available. He says he has yet to hypermile it because it's too much fun to stand on the go pedal. (Hey, he's a Corvette guy) So, while we have given Hybrid Technologies a hard time over certain issues, in this case they seem to have come through. Hit the jump to read about the Covette guy's LiV™ WISE experience in his own words.

[Source: Ray]

Ray's Latest Update

I have had the Yaris for a week. It will go 70 miles on the hwy at 55 mph or better. Then I went another 25 miles in the city on the same charge. The computer was beebing at me for a while but I think it is ok now.

The car is a lot of fun. It has plenty of power. Gas cars have to work realy hard to over take me from a red light. I have not yet done any hypermiling driving with it yet. I like to stand on the pedal, it is just too much fun. I am sure the car will do a 130 miles in the city. The build seems great I think it is everything Hybridtechnologies advertised and more. It has a lot more pick up than the one I test drove. It is a great car and I just can't stay out of it. I drove it in the snow and I think you can control it better than the gas version when starting out on slippery surfaces.

It is so much fun. A friend and I went from Aloha, OR
to Otis, OR. The car did great. We had to go up a mile of gravel drive way in Otis in that mile we went up in elevation 700 ft. Comming back we went over Shahalis mountain out of Newberg. The car still read 30 mile range when we arrived at my friends house in Aloha. So much fun going down the road burning electricity. Whee, it was worth the wait and the cost as far as I am concerned.

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