Corvette owner orders electric Yaris from Hybrid Technologies

Have you ever done something that was absolutely antithetical to your peer group and then had the nerve to tell them about it? That's what it seems "MRSTEAM" has done over at the Corvette Forum website. The Corvette aficionado and owner let his buds know that he is shelling out some $42,020 to buy himself an all-electric LiV™ WISE, which is a Toyota Yaris that will be converted by Hybrid Technologies. For his money he is expecting a vehicle which will have a top speed of 75+ mph, a range of 120 miles, and batteries that will last 1,500 full cycles. He is not just whistlin' dixie about his intentions either. The Oregon resident has already taken a trip to the North Carolina company for a test drive.

So what did his buds have to say about this? The posts that follow aren't too surprising considering the theme of the website. Although they were polite enough not to voice it directly, it would be fair to say they think he is nuts. Absolutely, positively, out-of-his-mind bonkers. They tell him paying this much for an electric Yaris is economically a bad deal, which, in straight economic terms is probably true. They mention he can rule out picking up any "hot chicks" with it. They encourage him to consider a Tesla roadster or an HST International Mustang electric sports car but since these are even more expensive than the LiV™ WISE, he declined those propositions. Interestingly, no one raises any doubts about the supplier of the converted Toyota, though MRSTEAM himself mentions that the company is $49 million in debt. We haven't heard a word about the after-sale satisfaction of any previous Hybrid Technologies customers, good or bad, so we are hoping "MRSTEAM" continues to post and inform the world of his experiences.

[Source: Corvette Forum]

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