Automakers don't celebrate birthdays like the rest of us. While we might blow out some candles and down a few beers with our friends, carmakers occasionally make special editions of their best offerings. And when it's a niche automaker like Wiesmann, you know you're going to want one.

Founded in 1985 by brothers Martin, an engineer, and Friedhelm, a businessman, Wiesmann got its start building hardtops for convertibles. In 2006, however, the Brothers Wiesmann came out with their own vehicle curvaceous and retro-tastic coupe and roadster. We can't figure what occasion they started counting from, but the company is now celebrating their 20th anniversary with a series of special editions, starting with this GT MF4-S.

Power comes from a 4.8-liter V8 derived from the BMW M3's and tuned to 420 horsepower, placing it between the standard 367hp MF4 and the 507hp V10-powered MF5. Customers can choose between a six-speed manual or a dual-clutch transmission, while special touches include a revised interior featuring the obligatory numbered and signed plaque. Only 30 examples of the MF4-S will be offered, but Wiesmann is expected to follow it with two more special editions before the partying's done. Look for it at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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