Frankfurt 2007: Fogging up the windows at the Wiesmann GT MF5 preview

Click the image above more for shots.

After entirely too much traveling in one 24-hour period, the auto-Gods shined a light upon our hotel, conveniently located a scant two blocks down from the Frankfurt Wiesmann dealer. Low and behold, the seething throngs of car cognoscenti were assembled in the locked-down dealership to preview the BMW V10-powered GT MF5. The only rub: a large gentleman in an overly tight-fitting blazer denied us entry. That didn't stop us from strolling up to the floor-to-ceiling windows where the new uber-coupe was well within reach of our lens. Although the Wiesmann folks did their worst to block our view, Frank snapped off a handful of photos of the matte baby-blue coupe minutes before its official unveiling. Score!

The spec sheet was too far away to glean any more details, but we'd suspect the body panels are some form of composite, considering the way they contorted when the hood was closed. More details should be on their way soon enough, but in the meantime check out the gallery below.

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