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Rust never sleeps, and classic British cars are some of the tinworm's favorite snacks. Lack of a roof on many classics (to effectively seal out the weather) doesn't help floors or unibodies stay rot-free, and proper restorations can run into serious money. Rather than pony up for endless hours with the nibbler and the rhythmic zot, zot, zot of a welder, a wiser starting point might be a reproduction body. Yes, the whole thing. Some vehicles are lucky in that they have a strong enough following to warrant an unbelievably cool aftermarket that will do things like purchase original tooling and dies to turn out factory parts long after said factory ceases to exist.

British Motor Heritage, Ltd. has been making reproduction bodies and body parts for a variety of classic British automobiles since 1988. Much effort and money has been expended to obtain original tooling, technical data, and jigs, and it's got us thinking about building a project car in Neff's garage. Owners of MGBs, Spridgets, and Minis can get an entirely new body from one of BMH's approved specialists either in primer or fully painted, and the prices run between $7500 and $13,000 – a bargain for a rust-free body shell fully painted and like new.

[Source: BMH via Hemmings]

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