The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model was not only about doing more with your car, it was about multiplying the concept of what kind of object a car could be. BMW's design chief ,Chris Bangle, the man behind the BMW GINA Concept, was a recent guest professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and brought the vision of GINA with him.

Bangle's challenge to the class was that they utilize the transformable skin from the concept car to create "futuristic housing concepts." The students came up with homes that almost act as foils for their owners – one "would give you more space, but only if you negotiated it with your neighbors." The idea of a house that can mutate along with us is a clever carryover of technology from concept auto to domicile. Even so, the idea of a house that chides us with "Go ask Bob next door if it's all right..." could take some getting used to. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

[Source: NY Times via BMW Blog]

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