Guess "EM72-A09" just didn't have that special something. Not long after our last post on this highway speed electric motorcycle (it "approaches" 65 mph) that commented on its strange name, we got an email from Xtreme Green Products telling us that the bike is now called the X Rider. The $7,999 X Rider uses 40 amp hour, 72 volt li-ion batteries to go about 95 miles per charge. The bike will launch sometime this spring, and Xtreme Green is callling it, "one of the most innovative alternative fuel vehicles available in the market." We're not sure how innovative an electric motorcycle is – Vectrix, Honda and Zero are all working on similar vehicles, to name just three competitors – but we're glad to see more plug-in vehicles make the leap from preview to product in 2009.

[Source: Xtreme Green Products]

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