Having had great success with its Zero X off-road electric bike, Zero Motorcycles is "takin' it to the streets" in 2009 with its new Zero S. Expected to launch this Spring, the first rendering has been released and some numbers announced.
The answer to the first question everybody will want to know is 70 mph. That is the top speed of this lithium-powered machine. The other important electric vehicle question is "How far can I go on a charge?" and, according to the company, the Zero S will quietly roll for up to 60 miles. Although there are no acceleration figures available yet, we suspect that its 50 lb ft of torque will get you up to highway speeds quickly enough. Its single speed transmission means that there are no gears to shift or clutch to deal with either.

To secure your place in line, Zero Motorcycles is now accepting (refundable) deposits of $1,000. We promise to bring you actual photographs and all the details as soon as they become available.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles]

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