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The original Shelby Cobra has spawned many imitators. Aside from the plethora of Cobra kit-cars on the market, and Shelby's own "continuation" cars, the Dodge Viper owes its origins to the Cobra, as do the Shelby Series 1 and Ford's 2004 Shelby Cobra and 2005 Shelby GR-1 show cars, to say nothing of all the Shelby and Cobra Mustangs that have followed. The Cobra Venom V8 concept, designed by Jamie Martin and theoretically powered by a 524-hp supercharged Ford V8, certainly holds its place among this esteemed company... if only it actually existed.

Well, we can pretend. That's what computer animation is for, after all. So we've enclosed a video of the Cobra Venom V8 in "action" after the jump. Trust us, you want to watch this one.


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