Forget Playing it Safe: Meet the Volvo SC90 Concept

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The four-door coupe segment has been sweeping across the industry, blurring the line between sportscar and sedan with such tantalizing examples as the Aston Martin Rapide, Mercedes CLS, BMW CS concept... and heck, why not, even the Porsche Panamera (somebody probably likes it). Volvo may not be the kind of company that easily jumps on bandwagons, preferring to stick to station wagons instead, but what if the Swedish automaker that made its reputation on safety were to go head-to-head with these super-sedans? One answer could be the S60 Concept the company just unveiled in Detroit, but as much attention as that show car garnered, what you see here is an even more convincing take on the theme: meet the Volvo SC90 design study.

Conceived by Volvo designer Nouphone J. Bansasine while undertaking an internship at the company in the summer of 2007, the SC90 concept cuts a striking silhouette that only gets "more complex and fresh [on the] second read." Far more aggressive and sharply-styled than anything we've seen from Volvo before, our only beef with the SC90 is that it exists only on paper. With the company's future in jeopardy and car sales down around the world, now may not be the time to introduce a car like this... but then again, considering that the upper end of the market continues to grow, may now's the perfect time. We'll run with that one. Check out the images in the gallery and the video after the jump to see all the angles.

[Source: Car Body Design]

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