We're having fun watching the results come in for the AutoblogGreen reader poll of the best vehicle from the Detroit Auto Show. We have our own top picks, but this site isn't just about us. It's about you, and any friends who you want to email (or Twitter or txt msg or whatever) and tell them to give your favorite car from the show that extra push. To give everyone a fair heads-up, we'll be closing the poll in 24 hours (at 5 pm EST on Friday), and then we'll know for sure what the collective wisdom of the group picks for the top spot. Will the Cadillac Converj keep its lead over the new Insight? Earlier, the race was neck and neck (just two votes), but the Converj is now up by about 40. I'm sure there's some Insight fan with 40 friends out there, isn't there? Or maybe a Prius fanboy army that can get 150 fans to move that icon to the top of the list? In any case, we're counting on you and your internet circle of friends to make this a contest. Click here to get started.

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