We haven't really heard a peep about the Corvette Centennial Concept since late last year, but that'll be changing in short order as hype about Revenge of the Fallen, the upcoming sequel to the wildly successful live-action Transformers movie, gets closer to its release on June 26th. We're expecting to see a real car from General Motors to go along with the movie roll, but it's not something that you'll be able to buy. This machine is meant as nothing more than a tribute to the Corvette, and it coincides nicely with GM's 100th anniversary.
The most current set of rumors suggest that the Centennial 'Vette will take the form of Transformers character Sideswipe, though there's no official word on that point quite yet. Regardless, the robot mode has been revealed via a new Transformers toy leak. Pay close attention (click on the image to enlarge) to the robot's feet -- he's a skater, and that should make for some interesting scenes in the movie. Just a few more months to go. Thanks for the tip, everyone!

[Source: Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]

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