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When Ford introduced the world to its latest Ka microcar last year at the Paris Motor Show, we had serious doubts as to whether the diminutive little hatch would ever make it over to the United States. A few months have passed, and we're still left wondering. A few days after the car's first appearance, it was said that Blue Oval CEO Alan Mulally would like to see the Ka make it Stateside, and now news comes that the man at the helm is still championing the car's U.S. arrival. Still, no matter how much Mulally may want to see the Ka in Ford's home country, the final decision reportedly lies with Derrick Kuzak, who is said to disagree with his boss's opinion that it would sell in sufficient quantities in America. What's the problem? Remember that the Ka is built overseas and is an inexpensive machine, so there are serious questions as to whether it could possibly be profitable in the U.S.

[Source: Business Week]

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