The sleuths over at Jalopnik have managed to uncover the name of the new electric Dodge that is expected to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week: the Dodge Circuit. The news comes by way of the US Patent and Trademark Office, and after a little bit of searching we managed to locate the official registration here. We've already seen spy shots of the little electric coupe, so we know that the automaker is feverishly getting it ready for its first public outing. We're expecting to see plenty of Dodge-specific styling cues - especially the Ramified cross-hair grille as seen in the Demon concept (pictured above) - when it greets us in Detroit in lieu of the Lotus shell that sat atop the UQM drivetrain when the Dodge EV was first shown in concept form. If all goes according to plan, which is a big "if," Chrysler hopes to have its electric sportscar in dealer showrooms sometime in 2010.

[Source: USPTO via Jalopnik]

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