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Whilst brainstorming a way to fill a bit of unused space and show off some of the eco-friendly zero-emission vehicles appearing at this years Detroit Auto Show, someone suddenly had a light bulb appear over their head. "Hey! Let's build a track to show the cars in motion!" "That's good, Jim, but we need to push the 'green' angle more," came a quick response. "Perhaps some potted plants," continued the be-lighted one, "No wait, how about a veritable verdant wood!" And so it was decided that an oval course, 700 feet in length, would be nestled amongst a scenic forestscape comprised of 100 Michigan maple, birch and pine trees along with a couple of ponds, replete with waterfalls. And placed in the basement of Cobo Hall. We cannot wait to see this.

Called the "Michigan EcoXperience", the earnest effort will give the public a chance to take a ride in the featured vehicles from Tesla Motors, Mitsubishi, General Motors and Ford (What! No Fisker?). While professionals will be chauffering ticket buyers during the show, freeloaders journalists will be allowed to drive themselves on the press preview days. Officials have wisely placed a 10 mph speed limit on the track as well as crash barriers. Thanks to Patrick M. for the tip!

[Source:, Detroit News]

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