Visitors to the Detroit Auto Show will be able to eyeball a bunch of Chinese cars that have virtually no hope of ever being sold in the U.S., but they won't be able to scope out the Maxima... or 370Z... or Cube. You'll remember that Nissan formally announced that neither it nor its luxobrand Infiniti would participate in this year's exhibition, joining a parade of other no-shows. You'll also remember that local dealers had elected to supply their own vehicles to give the brand a floor presence in lieu of the spiked corporate display. That plan is now as dead as the Detroit Auto Show is shaping up to be, since the Tennessee mothership has pulled rank and told the dealers to back off asked dealers to "please respect their decision to not have a presence at the North American International Auto Show," according to auto show co-chair (and Nissan dealer) Doug Fox. Needless to say, the dealers have complied, and some primo floor space is once again available to interlopers from the basement level. Now, who's hungry for more Chinese?

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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