Is Jaguar planning a Panamera and Rapide challenger? Until now we've had speculation and spy pics, but Channel 4 is reporting that Jaguar officials have confirmed plans to "introduce a new saloon" later this year, that "takes the luxury saloon to new heights in terms of its technical enhancements." Although this new sedan will eventually replace the XJ in the company's lineup, it is said to be radically different from the traditional sedan. Imagine XF detailing on a four-door XK and you won't be far off from the vehicle that's due to show up later this year.

No official details have been reported, but Jaguar officials are apparently mentioning the Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte, Aston Martin Rapide and Mercedes-Benz CLS as competition. Engine options will likely include Jaguar's new 3.0L V6 diesel as well as the new direct-injection, 5.0L gas V8s in naturally aspirated or supercharged form. The car should be revealed later this year, making 2009 a very busy year for the company. Jaguar is already set to unveil the supercharged XF-R, as well as updated XJ, XK and XKR models, along with its new V8 and V6 diesel engines at the Detroit Auto Show next week. We can hardly wait.

[Source: Channel 4]

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