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The current-generation of the Jaguar XJ sedan is a perfectly capable car, if a bit boring on the eyes. Jaguar's design language had always been daring and beautiful, but until the current XF appeared, had lately been stuck in a rut and seemed to be producing endless copies of itself. No longer, as the brand, now under new Indian management, looks to move its flagship XJ upmarket to take on the likes of Bentley according to David Blackhall, the managing director of Jaguar Land Rover in Australia. If the XF is akin to a BMW in Jag's current line, the next XJ will distance itself as it moves up to cater to the fickle and always fashion-conscious upper crust. Considering how much we like the new direction Jaguar is heading with the XF, we look forward to seeing what the company is capable of with its range-topper, which should debut in the next 12-18 months. So, will it wear a Daimler badge?

[Source: GoAuto]

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