Brand new 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT on sale, just $35k!

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So you're a Pontiac diehard, but you don't need the space of the G8 GT GXP and the Solstice GXP is just a bit too "me too." So what's a Big Chief enthusiast to do? Well, if you've got $35,000 kicking around in your automotive slush fund, how about a brand-new, never-titled 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT? The mid-engined, V6 Fiero that General Motors should have been building the whole time, but only got around to developing just before they sent they took the plastic-bodied model out back? Yes, that GT.

Evidently thinking ahead, some enterprising chap found a fire-engine red example and promptly mothballed it. Quite likely the only "brand new" Fiero on the planet (GT or otherwise), this time warp rear-driver has just 221 miles on it, and is still on MSO. Heck, we're willing to bet that the cassette player has never even seen a copy of White Snake's Greatest Hits!

If you're interested, the optimistically-priced but irreplacable Fiero can be found at Hinton Chevrolet-Buick in Lynden, Washington. Thanks for the tip, Farris!

[Source: Autotrader]

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