Ben Stein is a pretty smart guy, and impressing him usually involves showing him up on Comedy Central or showing up to your high school economics class on time. Detroit's automakers may have done neither, but Stein's in their corner just the same.
In the actor/commentator's opinion, the Big 3 are part of the fabric of America, employing hard-working Americans and building cars which are, in his view, second to none. He even credits their products which "have saved [his] life many times on the freeway." Bailing out Detroit is an imperative for Stein, making the case on emotional as well as logical grounds. But the steadfast Republican who cut his teeth working in the Nixon and Ford administrations can't understand how the government of the United States can find the money to bail out a mismanaged Wall Street and finance foreign intervention – the kind he supported when it was Nixon's call – while dragging its feet on helping the Big Three "slim down, shape up, and keep making great cars and trucks". Follow the link to read his take.

[Source: Yahoo! Finance]

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