After the engineering side of Lotus has spent over a decade working on electric vehicle technology, the production side finally looks ready to take advantage of it. Lotus CEO Michael Kimberley recently told the Financial Times, "Don't be surprised to see an electric Lotus shortly," which could appear as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
The first electric Lotus is expected to be a range extended EV with a smaller battery to provide some plug-in range and an internal combustion engine to stretch the driving distance out to 300-400 miles. That would put Lotus in direct competition with the Fisker Karma. It's not known what vehicle layout Lotus will use, but given its limited resources, the new Evora is likely to be the donor platform. That will likely mean a mid-mounted battery pack with an engine directly behind.

Lotus Engineering consults with many automakers around the world on a wide variety of projects, most of which we never hear about. However, in the past two years, the company has been prominently involved with both Chrysler and Tesla Motors. Lotus developed the chassis of the Tesla Roadster as an evolution of its own Elise and manufactures rolling chassis for the California Company. Lotus also built the battery-powered Dodge EV based on its Europa sports car. What impact this new car will have on either of those projects is not clear right now. However, building its own EVs without a middle man would likely give Lotus a big financial advantage over Tesla.

[Source: Financial Times]

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