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Perhaps you've noticed how many new three-wheeled vehicles have been sprouting up lately intended for the streets. It's no coincidence, as anything with fewer than four wheels is generally considered a motorcycle, though states are free to create their own take on the rules in the US. Alex Hodge, a designer based out of New Zealand, has thrown his hat into the ring with the Hawk concept, and it's a looker. The body would be molded from fiberglass to keep weight low and the all-glass canopy swings away to allow for entry and exit into the sleek vehicle. An alloy chassis holds it all together and a set of 19-inch alloy rims grab the tarmac.

Power would come from a 999cc V-Twin engine from a Honda RC51 motorcycle, and its 120-horsepower should be plenty to keep things interesting, while also offering relatively miserly fuel consumption. A single seat detracts from utility, though, and we might prefer the concept if it were electric. Regardless, it's a cool design.

[Source: Alex Hodge via Auto Express]

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