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We've taken an in-depth look into what it takes to create a road-legal three-wheeled motorcycle in the past, and California has just made it even easier to enter the market in that far-left State. As noted before, it's a constantly evolving set of rules because each state is left up to its own to decide what's legal and what isn't. Companies such as Aptera have specifically chosen to market their first products in California because of that State's lax definition of a motorcycle, something that is actually about to change once again. Specifically, there will no longer be a weight limit on three-wheeled vehicles - no matter what, they will be classified as motorcycles and will therefore be allowed in High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in that State. California will also no longer differentiate between motorcycles that run on alternative fuels. Regardless of whether it's powered by gasoline, electricity, or hydrogen - or anything else for that matter - if it's got two or three wheels, it'll be a motorcycle. Period.

[Source: Daily Democrat via Biker-Events]

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