For those "eenthusiasts" who still hold out hope that EEStor will come through on it's game-changing supercalifragilistic-capacitor pledges, a newly-awarded patent may offer some comfort. No, not the patent that EEStor itself was recently granted, but rather one that military application rights holder Lockheed Martin was just given for body armor that contains its own energy storage devices.
While generic lithium ion batteries are mentioned as a potential energy source for the protective vest, the EEStor device, with its calcined composition-modified barium titanate coated with aluminum oxide and calcium magnesium aluminosilicate glass configuration, gets a specifical mentioned as a possible component as well. What may be the "cherry-on-top" for the eemotionaly-invested is the fact that Lockheed patent title, "Garment Including Electrical Energy Storage Unit" uses the same language EEStor uses to describe their device, namely, an electrical energy storage unit (EESU). Of course, patents themselves don't power cars, so until the company actually produces something that does, we'll be keeping our eexpectations in check.

[Source: Clean Break]

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