Is production of EEStor ultracapacitors being pushed back into 2008?

After having earlier proclaimed that they would have their remarkable new ultra-capacitors in production this year, it now looks like EESTor is delaying production for as much as six months. CNET actually managed to talk to EEStor CEO Richard Weir on the phone and he said that production would start sometime before the middle of 2008. EEStor was supposed to deliver 15 kWh energy storage systems for installation into a new EV made by ZENN.

ZENN invested several million dollars into EEStor. To date no one outside of ZENN or EEStor has actually seen or tested the new capacitors. If they work and are affordable (two VERY big IFS) it could be a breakthrough for electric vehicles. Caps can absorb energy much more quickly than batteries but they traditionally have had limited capacity and big ones were very expensive.

[Source: CNET, thanks to Domenick for the tip]

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