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Faralli & Mazzanti have assembled one example of their Vulca S coupe. Built on an aluminum chassis covered with hand-beaten aluminum panels, the Vulca isn't as extreme as the Antas, but it is just as original. Outside are hand-drawn lines that curve with more boldness and grace than those on its sister car, and inside is an interior awash in diamond stitched leather and contrasting wood. The exotic coupe's name again pays tribute to the Etruscans: Vulca da Veio was a famous Etruscan sculptor.

According to the folks at F&M, the Vulca S gets a 5.8-liter V10 engine of unspecified provenance pumping out 630 cavalli. One source thinks it's a derivation of the BMW 5.0-liter V10, but if F&M stuck to their Italian roots it could also be a bored version of Lamborghini's 5.3-liter. Only ten examples of the Vulca are planned, with some of them swapping the V10 for various V12 engines offering between 445 and 600 hp.

The price of entry? About €280,000, or in the neighborhood of $394,000 USD.

[Source: F&M via Motor Authority]

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