F&M Antas V8 to star in Speed Racer

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Ever hear of the Faralli & Mazzati Antas V8 GT? Few have, but many will see it soon, as the unique coachbuilt sportscar is set to make its cinematic debut in the highly-anticipated Speed Racer movie.

The handcrafted Antas V8 GT is the creation of classic car restorers Walter Faralli and Luca Mazzanti, who designed the car by hand with retro touches culled from vintage Maseratis, Morgans and Bugattis. The Antas made its big debut in the presence of Prince Albert II at the 2006 Top Marques show in Monaco, and is powered by a 310hp 4.7-liter Maserati V8. Although we don't yet know in what capacity exactly, the F&M Antas V8 GT will star alongside such names as Susan Sarandon, John Goodman and Christina Ricci (the latter of which will have to compete with the Antas for curve factor) when Speed Racer hits the big screen on May 9, 2008. In the meantime, you can check out all the images in the huge gallery below.

[Source: F&M Auto]

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