Faralli & Mazzanti Vulca V12 heading into production

Faralli and Mantazzi aren't through reinterpreting classically handsome design cues and proportions. Their Antas GT will appear in the upcoming Speed Racer movie, and while that car is a mash-up of Morgan, Talbot-Lago, classic Alfas and even a touch of Bugatti, the firm's new ride, the Vulca, goes in a different direction. The V12 Vulca is still an homage to the past in a curvaceous and muscular fasion, but it's more infused with Ferrari and Aston Martin, and even hints of C2 and C3 Corvette than its stablemate.

There are only ten copies planned, which is a prudent move as a possible economic implosion could take the wind out of the sails of the market for cars like these. The 2+2 rides on its own chassis, rather than borrowing from Maserati's Quattorporte like the Antas. More than one 12-pot is offered, starting with a 6.0 liter unit and topping out with a 7.5 liter top dog laying down about 600 HP. While the Vulca will undoubtedly be thrilling with its 12-cylinder powerplants, the aluminum coachwork is so beautiful that it could be powered by an Iron Duke for all we cared.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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