Darryl Siry has never been shy about expressing his opinions. Since departing from his post as chief talking head and salesman at Tesla Motors, Siry has been freed up to share his thoughts even more vociferously and with greater frequency on his personal blog and his latest post is sure to anger many people. With gas prices down to $1.86 in Siry's San Francisco neighborhood (and even lower here in Michigan where I saw one station today at $1.49) he tackles two of the most controversial topics among consumers and environmentalists.
When Congress was debating a bridge loan deal for GM and Chrysler recently, many were pushing for even more stringent fuel economy standards or even requiring the companies to build all hybrids within a few years. Many of these same politicians were also those pushing for action to lower gas prices when they were at their peak earlier this summer. Siry dares to suggest Congress should either bite the bullet and tax fuel prices up to the $5-6 per gallon or else abandon CAFE altogether. Much to the chagrin of many of the readers here, I've suggested the same thing in the past and still believe this course of action to be the right one. As earnest as many ABG readers may be about getting off fossil fuels and reducing emissions, we must face the fact that the vast majority of Americans vote with their wallets. When gas prices are cheap, they simply do not pay attention to efficiency. If fuel prices don't rise, the extra cost of meeting CAFE will do nothing more than destroy the industry without actually accomplishing the stated goals of reducing fuel consumption.

[Source: Darryl Siry's Blog]

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