The chassis for Lamborghini Miura #1 is such a work of art, it'd be a shame to cover it up with that swoopy, classic bodywork. The Dallara-designed masterpiece first met the world in 1965 at the Turin Auto Salon and was apparently stored after that until Marios Kritkos fell in love with it in 1977. Kritkos, who handled the importation of Lamborghini cars for Cyprus, went to Sant'Agata in 1978 and dragged the chassis back to Cyprus. The chassis has recently been "discovered," not that it was ever really lost, and Los-Angeles based Joe Sackey (author of The Lamborghini Miura Bible) and Gary Bobileff (whose website has a sweet Ferrari-themed interface) now have Miura #1 at Gary's shop, where it will get a restoration to an astounding standard. Give us a pair of Snidely Whiplash goggles, and we'd drive that thing every day.

[Source: Hemmings]

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