Q. What do the Tennessee Valley Authority, General Motors and Waste Management have in common?
A. A Corvette plant in Kentucky.
Thanks to the "From Vettes to Watts" program, dried paint solids from the overspray (made from airborne paint that is sprayed onto the vehicle but doesn't stick) created at the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant will soon be collected and shipped to a nearby power plant for consumption. Currently, the paint pieces are sent to the landfill. The TVA's Paradise Fossil plant will burn the paint solids, which is TVA's first attempt at turning this type of waste into energy. A Chrysler plant in St. Louis sends its paint solids to a nearby power plant for the same reason.

Other less-wasteful auto paint shops include Ford's Ohio van plant with reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide, Ford's paint-fumes-to-fuel program, and BMW's methane-powered paint shop in Spartanburg.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Kicking TIres]

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