Ask an average Jane what qualifies as a "green" thing these days, and reuse will likely be one of the first three things she'll list (along with reduce and recycle). To that end, the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is out to show that old vehicles can be saved from the shredder and thrill a crowd in their new $1,000 budget race car challenge. The race will take place in San Diego, CA in the new year. Two hopeful participants, Ryan Arroyo (team captain) and Ian Schoen (team director) are looking for help in turning an old rust bucket into something that can win against other heaps old cars. Arroyo told AutoblogGreen that, "I believe this challenge is also a great way to show how you can re-use old parts instead of letting them rust in a junkyard."
There's a bit of a caveat to that $1,000 price tag: it does not include tires, transportation, and safety equipment. Details after the jump.

[Source: Ryan Arroyo]

Buy a car and prepare it for show and go, all for $1000 or less!

About the Challenge:
In the Grassroots Motorsports Grand Challenge, money is taken out of the equation, and the playing field is lev-
eled. Each team is strictly limited to a $1000 total budget to purchase, fix, prepare, and compete with their car over
the course of an entire racing season! This brings a real, competitive racing series within reach of everyone, from
the novice driver to the veteran racer. The series will challenge the competitor's ingenuity, mechanical skills, and
resourcefulness instead of their ability to sign checks.

Over the course of an entire racing season (3 venues, 7 events, 3 weekends), the Grassroots Motorsports Grand
Challenge teams will compete in three equally weighted disciplines: drag racing, autocross (time trial) racing, and
a judged car show. These three very different competitions will truly test the skill and ability of the competitors to
get the most out of their vehicles. It is also extremely cost effective, as a budget-built car will give teams a whole
season of racing excitement.

This event is the first time it has been available to the west coast. However, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine has
run an annual $200x challenge, which has been received extremely positively for the last nine years! There will be
extra attention to this inaugural racing challenge on the west coast. We want you to be a part of it!

Series Racing Budget:
$1000 race-car
$600 tires
$400 safety equipment
$200 event fees
$300 transportation & shop equipment
$250 misc. expenses/replacement parts

Sponsorship Available: (Full color, digitally printed vinyl graphics)
Tier 1 sponsor: $1750 (3 premier placements for maximum exposure)
Tier 2 sponsor: $1100 (2 medium placements, 1 large placement)
Tier 3 sponsor: $750 (4 medium placements)
Tier 4 sponsor: $450 (2 medium placements)
Tier 5 sponsor: $175 (2 small placements)

7 events: Car show in Miramar (North San Diego), 3 drags at Barona Speedway & Casino 1/8th mile drag strip
(Lakeside), and 3 SCCA Autocross events at Qualcomm (Mission Valley San Diego); Grassroots Motorsports
Magazine featured article; Grassroots Motorsports Magazine online, with over 100,000 dedicated sports car enthu-
siast visitors; SDREV Community Forums (San Diego Regional Automotive Enthusiasts)

About the publication:
Grassroots Motorsports is published eight times a year and is distributed on newsstands and in bookstores by Cur-
tis Circulation, America's largest newsstand distributor. Grassroots Motorsports is also sold through subscriptions.
The guaranteed ratebase for September 1, 2008, is 60,000.

Circulation is audited annually by the U.S. Postal Service. Circulation grows at roughly 500 copies per issue. By the
end of 2009, circulation will surpass 64,000. Based on these figures and an average pass-along rate of 2.3, reader-
ship for 2009 will average more than 147,000 per issue.

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