Automobile's Ezra Dyer has a knack for positing the most intriguing vehicular questions in an inimitable, screamingly hilarious style. Who else would send Hummer's junior-level H3T against Nissan's heavyweight GT-R, and why? "I want to go bash around in the boonies with a jacked-up truck before somebody decides that that sort of thing is really so much fun that it should be illegal" is the perfect answer to that question. If vehicles weren't in some way about fun, we'd all be lining up for coveted used Trabants. The challenge was thus: run one vehicle on the road from Telluride to Lake City, while another hits the trail, Duke-Boys style. Both vehicles can be painted with anti-green when one considers their respective purposes. The GT-R is for chewing up miles and passing everything short of determined Porsche drivers, while the Hummer doesn't enjoy the free pass enviros give a Wrangler, but is a capable alternative to the Jeep when things heads off road. Hit the link to see whether an as-the-crow-flies route bests turbocharged brute force. Here's one thing we'll play spoiler on: the Hummer used less fuel.

[Source: Automobile]

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