Click above for more shots of the GM HydroGen4 fuel cell Equinox

The so-called Hydrogen Economy may still be a very long way into the future, but General Motors cannot be blamed for not doing its part to develop working hydrogen-powered vehicles that are ready for our nation's roadways. For evidence, please see the 500,000 miles that GM's fleet of Hydrogen Equinox fuel cell vehicles have traveled since The General first unleashed its latest hydrogen vehicle into the real world as part of its Project Driveway program. According to Chevrolet, a total of 3,400 individuals have driven its fuel cell Equinox SUVs, including a few of us here at AutoblogGreen. Each one of these drivers has offered his or her opinions to GM's listening ear, resulting in a very refined vehicle and driving experience. Best of all, even if hydrogen vehicles are still very much future-tech, the same principles driving overall vehicle efficiency for this program are migrating down to real-world vehicles like the 2-Mode hybrid SUVs and the upcoming Chevy Volt.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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