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Given the chance to take the KTM X-Bow into any environment, a wintery wonderland wouldn't be one of them. But KTM wants to allow its mid-engine track tool to weather all the seasons – and peddle a few more of its PowerParts and PowerWear accessories to its drivers. X-Bow owners can choose from either central-locking or five-bolt wheels wrapped in Pirelli Sottozero snow tires, along with an optional set of chains. And even though a fixed roof is planned for future models, the current generation X-Bow's occupants will have to deal with the climes clothed in Schöffel jacket and pants, and matching Schuberth helmet. The full line of winter wear will set you back 950 euros, and when you arrive at your chilly destination, you can wrap the X-Bow in either an indoor cover (380 euro) or an outdoor cloak for 325 euro. We think we'll pass and wait for spring.


Since the launch of the KTM X-Bow in mid-2008, the radical, lightweight, mid-engined concept with its stunning carbon fibre monocoque has attracted massive interest from both consumers and from the media. It has been bestowed with numerous awards, of which the latest is Top Gear magazine's "Sportscar of the Year". Anyone wishing to experience KTM's first sportscar doesn't have to wait until the spring: just in time for the cold season, the open top sportscar has been made winter proof!

To assist with catching that perfect four-wheel drift through the pristine white winter wonderland, there are numerous accessories from the KTM PowerParts and PowerWear collections to choose from. Pirelli Sottozero snow tyres are available – with central locking as well as with five bolt wheels. For intrepid drivers that like their thrills to be more extreme – a common trait of X-Bow buyers – snow chains are available, which are of course homologated and ensure good traction under the most demanding of conditions. Drivers are protected against "Jack Frost" with advanced clothing by Schöffel and a helmet by Schuberth, all specifically designed for winter action in the X-Bow. The full set (helmet, jacket and trousers) is available from 950 Euro*. And once the fun is over, the X-Bow too is allowed to jump into its protective winter attire: an indoor cover is available from 380 Euro*, and for protection on the ski-lift car-park an outdoor cover is available from 325 Euro*.

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