VIDEO: Top Gear, Ford Fiesta, Beach Assault, WOW

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We've been watching Top Gear for quite a while now, and for our money, no one on this planet mixes cars, TV and entertainment better than the blokes from the Beeb. Having said that, the Brits may have outdone themselves this time, and with a car few would have chosen as the most likely candidate. Top Gear superstar Jeremy Clarkson was tasked with giving a thorough, exhaustive review of the all new 2009 Ford Fiesta. The affable Clarkson takes the Fiesta through the usual paces on the open road and at the track, and then he gets creative. We don't want to ruin it for you, so check out the ten-minute super review after the jump. If we haven't given you enough reason to click through, Clarkson does get chased by a black Vette inside a British mall, and he finishes by taking a beachhead in a Fiesta full of Royal Marines while under heavy gunfire. Oh, and smoke grenades fit in the Fiesta's cup holders. Impressive stuff, indeed. Thanks to all who tipped in.

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