Despite Toyota's reluctance to release plug-in hybrid versions of its popular Prius hatchback, there are a number of companies that are willing to sell you a retrofitted model. Add another to the list, as Jungle Motors in Orange County, California, which has been converting Porsche 911s and Chrysler PT Cruisers to electric drive for a little while now, has just released its PHEV Prius. The company has created a facility that performs the conversion so the owner just needs to drop the car off. Afterward, the driver can choose from Normal Prius Mode, Enhanced Prius Mode and Battery-only Mode. The last one, as you might guess, provides completely petroleum-free operation.

Currently, Jungle's conversion uses old-tech lead-acid batteries that only allow for 10 miles of EV-only operation. In February, the company plans to offer lithium iron phosphate power packs that will bump EV range all the way up to 40 miles. The cost for the lead-acid conversion is $4,995 plus installation. A kit for the Highlander Hybrid is also in the works.

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Jungle Motors Now Converting Toyota Prius into High Mileage Plug-In Hybrid

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA - December 8, 2008: Jungle Motors, Orange County's largest electric vehicle conversion facility, is now offering a new Plug-In Hybrid conversion for the Toyota Prius.

Jungle Motors, which has been converting gasoline-powered Porsche 911s and Chrysler PT Cruisers into clean, green commuter cars, is now offering its latest conversion: a Plug-In Hybrid modification for the Toyota Prius.

"We convert the 2004 to 2009 standard Toyota Prius by adding batteries and hardware to dramatically improve its performance," states Director Brad Sachs. "When we complete the conversion, the driver has 3 (three) options for motive power. Normal Prius Mode, Enhanced Prius Mode and Battery-only Mode. In the Normal Mode, the vehicle performs like a stock Prius getting over 40 miles per gallon (mpg). In a blend of Enhanced and Battery-only Modes, the car delivers over 100 mpg. And in the Battery-only Mode it becomes an Electric Vehicle (EV) and gets infinite mpg as the gas engine is totally bypassed. All the user has to do is plug in the vehicle at night to recharge the batteries."

The current version from Jungle Motors utilizes Lead Acid batteries and offers over 10 miles of 100% pure electric range. The next version, due out in February 2009, will use the latest generation of battery technology, Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LifePO4. With the LifePO4 batteries, the Prius will deliver over 40 miles of engineless range that will enable over 70% of drivers in the United States to drive every day without ever turning their gas engine on. The company also has plans to offer a similar conversion kit for the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and other hybrid vehicles as they become available in the near future.

Prices for the conversion kit start at only $4,995.00 and installation is available. For further info, call Jungle Motors at (949) 833-8100 or visit our site at

Jungle Motors is fully committed to saving our planet. We convert polluting gas guzzlers into green, earth-friendly commuters.

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