We've been enamored with the idea of stuffing a Suzuki Hayabusa-derived V8 engine into an appropriately light and sporty four-wheeled conveyance since we first learned of such a powerplant's existence last Spring. The task of creating a 'Zuki-powered sled is set to become significantly easier now that Hartley Engineering has managed to rework the 'Busa block a bit. An entirely new crankcase has been designed and hewn from a huge chunk of 6061 T6 aluminum. It may not be a V8, but this new inline-four engine, known as the H2, is a diminutive powerhouse that can bolt right up to a standard automotive transmission. Why is this a big deal? Motorcycle gearboxes generally don't have a dedicated reverse gear and usually output their high-revving power via a chain. Now, the prospect of a 140-pound engine with over 200 horses powering something along the lines of a Super 7 has us salivating once again. Those with equally imaginative minds can now begin plotting their next projects, as the H2 is expected to be ready for purchase in early '09.

[Source: Hartley Enterprises via The Kneeslider]

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